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I sometimes straddle the divide between the human and the divine, but I am spiritual and believe that we are all combined within a non-physical source that sustains and protects us. My traits: Romantic, Trustworthy, Aloof, Dreamy, Creative, Understanding, Unrealistic and Impractical. My likes: Romance, Nature, Music, Poetry, Mystical settings, Freedom, Privacy, Animals, Children, The beach, Movies and Great Cuisine. My dislikes: Noise, Crowds, Dirt & ugliness, Garish objects, Being reminded, Tight spaces, Authority, Bad drivers, Limitations and Revealing private life.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Ms Calendar 2012 pageant

     This is one of the most exciting and special pageants I have had the pleasure to win.  One reason is because it's the first time I have won two consecutive crowns.  As a model I set my goals extremely high and if I don't meet those goals it does not stop me from striving to achieve them, so this is a big accomplishment for me.  One of the most significant things about this pageant is that every model wore such gorgeous gowns.  I don't think I have ever seen so many stunning gowns in one pageant.  Everyone did such a fabulous job and I believe it was one of the most competitive.  Congratulations to all of you  phenomenal models, it is clear that you take your avocations seriously. 
     Thank you Steve, Lillou and Nany for your high esteem.  I know judging a pageant is very difficult, especially when you have so much amazing talent as was in this pageant.  Thank you for the honor of presenting me the Ms Calendar crown. 
     Thank you Alex for always being so supportive of me.  You are my strength and the most dear and precious person in my life.
     I just can't give enough praise or thanks to our talent team The Dragon Sisters.  Thank you Kiralyn, Sidney and Laci, you were all incredible to have shared this with.  Congrats on your upcoming wedding Laci and congrats to you Sidney on taking 2nd runner up, you were marvelous.  Kiralyn was very sick but she managed to be there for her team.  This shows what a selfless devoted friend Kiralyn is.  You are very dedicated and of the highest integrity.  You are my heroin Kira.
     And a special thank you to Thrishia Denver for doing my body check, without you I would have walked the runway in fifty shades of gray lol.  I appreciate you, thank you.
     And last but certainly not least is my friend Laylah.  Thank you for sharing your pictures as I was kind of too busy to take my own lol.  And thank you for teaching me how to blog, I really love it more than I thought I would, and thanks to you I can now think of ten reasons why people should blog.

Thanks to all of my friends and everyone who came to support me.

Group photo of all contestants. Here you can see what I mean by every models gorgeous gown. 
wait for it....wait for it...wait for it.....and there it is, the winner announced.  WOW!!!!!

Our winning photo.  I'm in the center, Janet Brink 1st runner up to my left and Sidney Abbot 2nd runner up to my right.  Looks like Janet is trying to escape one of my fly-away tentacles. I swear I never laid a tentacle on her.
I'm not positive but I think the Octopussy gown cinched it.
My swimwear, Pink Gangster. 
Our talent group, The Dragon Sisters:  Sunrae, Kiralyn, Sidney and Laci
Pageant photos by Freddie Mocha, awesome photographer 
Ms Photogenic- Liberty Lighthouse, isn't she beautiful?
Janet Brink 1st runner up, check out this beautiful gown she wore.  The detail is phenomenal.
Sidney Abbot, 2nd runner up.  I don't think the picture does the gown true justice.  You should have seen this gown, it's absolutely gorgeous.  I loved reading her descriptions, she's very talented.
Ladysunfire Erin - 3rd Runner up.  Erin is an amazing model, and very competitive.  She had this gown made by Lillou, it's fabulous.  Congratulations Erin, you were amazing.
Best talent award went to Janet's group, the China Dolls, Janet Brink, Ania Lennie,  Adrianna Applewhyte and Devia Darkbyrd. Beautiful costumes. Congrats ladies.

Janet has moved on to be a trainer at CWS so this is her last pageant. We will miss competing with you Janet and I must say she went out in style. If you haven't taken Janet's class on casting it is a must do. She is really knowledgeable and experienced. If you need to know where to find the best fashions, hair, shoes, jewelry and probably everything else in SL, she is your go-to-girl. You are simply the best Janet.


Sunday, January 13, 2013

SLC fashion show

Due to a RL time conflict I was not able to attend the SLC fashion show on Saturday but Tiffany was kind enough to share her pictures with me.  I am familiar with SLC designs as I own many of Serina Lacava's creations myself.  Her boots are divine.  One of the most attractive things about the SLC store is the variety.  Every new trend from casual to formal, including maternity wear.  The best of CWS models walked the runway displaying the SLC fashions.  Here are the models and designs that were styled.  Visit the store and you will see what I'm talking about, it's an awesome collection.  
 Fashion show outfits


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Perils of a Pageant Queen

In my almost three years with CWS I have lost count of the number of pageants I have done.  I love the runway and I am not nervous or afraid of it.  Those of us who have walked it more times than can be counted have overcome our fear of it, but the fear I can never overcome is what SL is going to do to me while I'm on the runway.  Every time I take that first step I say a prayer to the SL Gods to please let this go right.  But the SL gods are too busy trying to figure out a new way to mess up our viewers than to hear my SL Prayers, thus I have become the queen of runway fiascos.  Let me count the ways:

In some of my talents I have rezzed objects that literally bounced off the runway and I could not retrieve them, for no copy props that's kind of detrimental to your talent.  Anrol had to return them to me.

I did a circus as my talent, of which I was to proceed down the runway on a circus elephant.  During practice my elephant, Ellie, loved the runway and did just as I trained her.  But come pageant time she got stage fright and wouldn't go down the stairs.  When I attempted to dismount, she threw me off into lala land and I couldn't tp back to the runway.  Finally, success, I'm backstage again and will now attempt to rez her directly on the runway.  Ahhhhh, finally, she's on the runway and I can ride her, but in my frustrations I forgot to set her to stay, so as I'm doing my talent Ellie wanders off.  Anrol had to return her to me.

This one is hysterical.  In this pageant I walked the runway with a sour look on my face.  In my view I couldn't see this, a freind sent me the picture, all looked perfect for me, but in the judges view I was scowling.  A stuck animation that I have no idea where it came from, need I say more?  I look very angry don't I?  This look kind of says give me a trophy or else.  No wonder the judges were afraid, I scared them into a 2nd place trophy.

In one pageant I walked the runway bald headed. In my view I had beautiful hair, but in the judges view I was bald. I wonder if they thought I was trying to make a new fashion statement.  Go figure.

In the Ms World 2012 pageant, during the gown category I walked the runway through a haze of fog and half-rezzed Cinderella scenes that no one else could see.  Apparently someone's talent props got stuck in my viewer.  I couldn't see the runway so I guessed at it, but it's ok, I won that pageant, fog and all.
Oh yes, you laugh now, but your turn is coming my dear, it's not a matter of if but when.  If SL hasn't doomed your chances of a pageant win yet, don't be too cocky, because it will happen.  However, sometimes you can overcome them, but if not, take it in stride and don't let it get you down because it's all in fun and it will give you a funny topic to write about in your blog.  I know it has happened to many of you so by all-means please share your own runway horror stories here, I would love to see them.
If you want to see runway bloopers live, come to our pageants.  Here's the link for dates and times.
CWS schedule of events